Behind the scenes of the NRJ Music Awards

Behind the scenes of the NRJ Music Awards

Last night was the Cannes musical ceremony. We were there.

The backstage hadn’t swarmed like this for a long time. It seems that after too much time in the health crisis, the return to normal has finally arrived… or almost. In the screen that sits in the middle of the space, it is not Nikos Aliagas but Camille Combal who appears. Last week on the set of the “Star Academy”, the historic animator of the front page fell from the stage and seriously injured his legs. He was put on enforced rest. On Wednesday, the production therefore called Camille Combal in disaster. Who immediately jumped on a plane for the Croisette.

So here he is on stage after three days of intense work, ready to fight. Behind the scenes, the theme of the season seems to be extravagance. Colourful, flashy, original looks parade – a chapka meets a latex suit, a girl in boots and panties chats as if nothing had happened with her +1. Rising Texan Gayle arrives in a cut-out dress and takes selfies with a few fans. In the distance, a dull sound rings out: Yanis Marshall, the exuberant dance teacher from Star Ac’, is perched on metal platform shoes. Gilles Pelisson, big boss of TF1 at the end of his mandate, follows him. This 24th edition will be its last.

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Eva Longoria…by zoom

“And the winner is… Soolking!” His team, who were praying aloud for him to win, exploded with joy in front of the screen. Just behind them, surprise: the Bigflo & Oli look-alikes. Julien Doré organized their entire performance behind their backs and had the idea of ​​summoning their almost exact copies for the evening. A little revenge for the clip of “Coup de vieux” where the brothers from Toulouse had given him a big surprise. Bigflo & Oli will not only be the victims of this original hoax, they will be the kings of the ceremony with three trophies won.
We meet Soprano, her red hair, and with her team, while on the set, Eva Longoria in a magneto exclaims: “Hello Nikos” before announcing the nominees. A handing over by zoom, here is what is original…

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The agitation in the dressing room is at its peak, between the Bebe Rexha dancers who are warming up, the make-up artists who are busy, Aya Nakamura who is trying to move around in her sublime black dress with a huge train. Aya is smiling this evening, visibly delighted to be back at the Palais des Festivals.

The emotion for the return of Renaud

Clara Luciani she is in small shape but deluded in her velvet suit. She meets a platinum blonde Bilal Hassani, too, all smiles. The champagne is flowing – we hear “I already have a headache”, “I’ve had two bottles! — while Louane in a short red haircut descends to sing in honor of Renaud. The artist came to receive an honorary award. His speech, hands trembling, moved the whole assembly, in the room, as backstage. This evening, he announced a tour of small and medium-sized venues with an orchestra. It is 11:45 p.m., the singer leaves the stage exhausted, so much so that he struggles to climb the few steps that lead him to his dressing room. Here, no change of clothes, no make-up powder, no drink, not even a snack. Renaud is satisfied with the minimum and came in a very small committee. Ava Max who occupies the three neighboring boxes (two are for her clothes only) would choke seeing that. The old veteran enjoyed seeing Bigflo & Oli and Lujipeka, he likes these new rappers.

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While the rapper SCH has his picture taken by everyone present, it’s Jenifer’s turn to collect her honorary prize. She came discreetly, barely stopped for photos on the red carpet, asked for a separate box. And she is visibly very moved tonight. The public is delighted to see her and to rediscover the images of her previous victories at the NMAs.

The evening follows its course as the backstage empties as the artists finish their performance. At 1:15 a.m., everyone leaves the Palace but the night is far from over…

Awards 2022

Francophone female artist

International female artist
Lady Gaga

Francophone male artist

International Male Artist
Ed Sheeran

international song
“As It Was”, Harry Styles

French clip
“Getting old”, Julien Doré and Bigflo & Oli

international music video
“As It Was”, Harry Styles

Francophone collaboration
“Getting old”, Julien Doré and Bigflo & Oli

International cooperation
“Bam bam”, Camilla Cabella and Ed Sheeran

David Guetta

Francophone group
Bigflo & Oli

international group
imagine Dragons

Recovery / adaptation
“Suavemente”, Soolking

Francophone revelation

International revelation
Sophie Carson

Social success
“Everything is fine”, Alonzo, Ninho and Nap

French-speaking tour

French song
“Who we are”, Mr. Pokora

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