Belfort. The second book that will tell the story of companies

Belfort. The second book that will tell the story of companies

The the first volume of business history Then and Now was so successful in 2019 that there are two reissues were needed respond to requests. Result: six hundred copies sold. The reasons for this success?

“The juxtaposition of images of commercial windows from yesterday and photos of the same thresholds today,” replies Florence Besancenot, sales assistant. “This was shown through our business, the evolution of the city and part of its history. This first volume served as a common thread for a route of about sixty emblematic companies located mainly in the city center, in the old town, in the station district and to a lesser extent on avenue Jean-Jaurès. They were easily spotted thanks to the presence of 26 wall panels and 24 totems in front of the shops. »

Great research paper

The publication of volume II of the history of commerce from yesterday and today has been postponed due to Covid-19 and the death of André Larger. It respects the framework of the first volume to which it is complementary. Thus, the selection of photographs again mobilized Bernard Frézé and Jean-Marie Lesueur, from the Territoire de Belfort association of collectors and cartophiles. As for the texts, only four were written by the historian of Belfortain, unlike the first volume of which he wrote all the texts of the first volume.

“His wife entrusted us with four texts,” emphasizes Florence Besancenot. “Other texts were written by Elisabeth Blanc. The commercial manager of Belfort conducted a lot of research in municipal and departmental archives, and sometimes went to private individuals who opened their personal archives to her.

The first commercial sector

“The research was difficult to tell the story, but it was exciting and rewarding,” says White. “Sometimes I had pictures, but I couldn’t find any history. Or I had a very complete history but no direct photo of the storefront. Or some recordings of too poor quality prohibited any enlargement. These issues have banned me from holding stores and that’s a shame. »

Eventually, the deal included sixty stores, including 27 on Avenue Jean-Jaurès. The idea was to highlight it because it was the first commercial part of the city.

There are also six storefronts in Faubourg de France and especially 5 in rue Thiers. This work, which is doubled by totems placed in front of shops, is available from Tuesday for €12 at Belfort Tourisme or at the Museum of Art and History. Consultations are free at the reception of the town hall.

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