Belfort. Unusual characters at the end of the book fair

Belfort. Unusual characters at the end of the book fair

At 9 years old, Léonie Chamberlain is the youngest of 1is competition from cosplay in the organization of the book fair. “We didn’t expect to have children,” said the organizers, initially surprised by the phenomenon.

“This is our first competition. I was afraid that I had forgotten some accessories »

Léonie did not come alone. She boarded her mother, Ophélie Manaranche, from Fontaine. “I didn’t sleep all night, this is our first competition. It’s a bit scary and I was afraid I’d forgotten some extras,” she says.

They discovered this hobby, which consists of getting into the skin of a character, usually from a manga or a video game, by accident. “During the geek convention in Mulhouse, there was a young girl behind me dressed as Nezuko Kamado. I thought the costume was beautiful and then I searched and read the manga,” says Ophélie. Logically, that’s exactly the costume she wore.

Léonie was inspired by the same manga, Demon Slayer , playing the role of Shinobu Kocho. The manga is about a child who lost his parents and wants to become a hokage, a village chief, says the girl. “Shinobu is one of the mainstays of the Demon Slayer, while Nezuko is a kind demon. We put a bamboo stick in his mouth so he doesn’t bite,” says the mother.

17 mangoes at the age of 9

Mangas are the opposite of our books: they are read from the end to the beginning, from right to left and are in black and white. Not enough to discourage Léonie, who already has 17 at home. “You just have to get used to it. I love stories – she confided in us immediately adding. “I don’t want to be the Snow Queen anymore!” », a bit rebellious, like that Deadly Adele whose comics he devours. “But deep down, she’s a princess…” whispers the mother.

This “communal passion” for cosplay has only just begun. Mother and daughter plan to participate in the following Necronomy’con. “Until then we will improve our costumes, add accessories…”

Like them, there were a dozen of them to catch the games on Sunday and respond to the invitation to the book fair. “We were well helped by Marianne Delunsch, who holds Kissa Sanctuary Tea House and Storm troopers 21,” Fabien Jacob, a member of the jury, tells us. “The selection was difficult, some costumes were really impressive. We received many tips to improve next year’s release by fixing bugs. It will probably be necessary to offer two prices, a child’s and an adult’s! “, he concludes.

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