Bella Thorne lost a role aged 10 because the director accused her of ‘flirting with him’

Bella Thorne lost a role aged 10 because the director accused her of ‘flirting with him’

The former Disney star, Bella Thornerevealed what the castings she went through as a child looked like. The one who is today the heyday of OnlyFans started at the age of six months in commercials, and, at 10, when she began her acting career, she found herself facing a director curious to say the least. The latter indeed accused the young child that she was of “flirting” with him during the hearing.

This is what she revealed on the microphone of Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, Up downthis week.

“Once, a director shared his feelings with me, and I was 10 years old. The casting director called my agent who called my mom to say, “We’re not going any further because the director got the impression she was flirting with him and it made him really uncomfortable. “. What the fuck are you talking about man? “, she explained.


The star of shake it then clarified that, during a foundryanyway there is no time to do anything but say his lines.

“During a work session with the director, most actors don’t have time to say or do much. You say hello, you make the scene, you go out. There’s no time for “Let me sit on your lap!” or make you feel uncomfortable,” Bella Thorne shared.

Bella Thorne added that she thinks “every day” about this story which made her lose a role at the age of 10, and that she wonders what she could have done so that the director could feel that.

In January 2018, Bella Thorne revealed that she had been sexually abused From the earliest age. After becoming a star on Disney Channel, the actress is now one of the most followed celebrities on OnlyFans.

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