Bénédicte Flye Sainte Marie in the footsteps of the artist Camille Urso

Bénédicte Flye Sainte Marie in the footsteps of the artist Camille Urso

Holly Goli, blogger, bookstagrameuse etc contribution reader groups 20 minute booksI recommend you “I was born with the sound of a violin” by Bénédicte Flye Sainte Marie, published on January 12, 2023 by Éditions Infimes.

His favorite quote:

The first note was enough for her to know that he will be her North and her West, her alpha and her omega, a companion who will accompany her until her last breath.

Why this book?

  • Because this novel is about the life of a woman which history often forgot. Indeed, Camille Urso is the first woman admitted to the Paris Conservatory of Music in the violin class. Before her, only men were admitted. She paved the way for everyone who wanted to do music, not just piano or singing.
  • Because within the framework of the novel, it is a biography by Camille Urso. In a romantic way, Bénédicte Flye Sainte Marie invites us to discover the portrait of this violinist who had an absolutely incredible life and career! I was fascinated, page after page, by Camille’s story. I fell in love with her, and discovering her also allowed me to peek into her life, which I was not aware of until now.
  • Because the pen of Bénédicte Flye Sainte Marie is attractive. Richly handled, we feel that the research done to write the story of Camille Urso has been used with great realism and subtlety. I am delighted with this. I would never have thought that we could go so far in such a project. I can only congratulate the author on this.
  • Because Camille Urso is a feminist and she fought because of his love for the violin and music. The latter is an integral part of her life, not only hers. I felt it with every page I turned, as if his music vibrated in me as it did in Camille Urso. That is indeed the strong point of this novel.

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. We look at the story of Camille Urso, the first feminist violinist at the Paris Conservatoire. We will follow her from her childhood in Nantes to the United States where she died at the age of 61.

Characters. Camille Urso but also his family or even big musical names like Jules Massenet and Joseph Massart.

Places. In France, but also in the United States through the countries where Camille Urso gave concerts.

Time. The action takes place in the 19th century.

Author. A magazine journalist, Bénédicte Flye Sainte Marie wrote three social essays before publishing I Was Born to the Sound of a Violin, her first novel.

This book was read with satisfaction. I discovered the story of a violinist who marked the history of music, but who was often forgotten. This novel brilliantly and meticulously covers the story of a woman who left her mark in classical music and paved the way for women. A miracle to be discovered!

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