Benjamin Castaldi makes a surprising revelation on the set of TPMP (VIDEO)

Benjamin Castaldi makes a surprising revelation on the set of TPMP (VIDEO)

On the set of Do not touch My TVBenjamin Castaldi revealed that he had consulted a doctor, who revealed to him that he had suffered from an astonishing malformation since birth.

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After having been one of the star hosts of TF1, Benjamin Castaldi joined the band of chroniclers of Do not touch My TV. The former presenter History of the loft is never stingy with secrets about his tumultuous love life Or on the crazy sums he spent when he was at the top of his career. Cyril Hanouna regularly teases his accomplice about the cosmetic surgery operations he has had. The companion ofaurora german has never never concealed that he had undergone an eyelid procedure, in part because of the thoughts of his boss. “He teased me for months and months and he gave me a complex. I went to have surgery for him…”, he confided on the set of the show.

Benjamin Castaldi has resorted to cosmetic surgery several times

At the insistence of Cyril Hanouna, he admitted having had recourse to other interventions on several parts of his body. I redid my gums, I redid my eyes because of him”, had thus affirmed Benjamin Castaldi. “On the advice of the general manager of H2O, who goes to the same place I went, I actually put in a few injections [dans le front]. I did it, two years ago”, he also conceded. The troublemaker of C8 also teases Benjamin Castaldi on his developed pecs, accusing him of having had surgery in order to have chest. Remarks which prompted the columnist to consult a doctor on this subject, as he revealed on the set of the show, this Thursday, November 17.

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The host consulted a specialist about his pecs

The health professional therefore examined Benjamin Castaldi and his conclusion was final.But you have mammary glands”, would he have exclaimed. “It seems that I have a birth defect of the nipple”, detailed the columnist. This unusual revelation did not fail to amuse the other columnists and viewers present on the set. His friends have launched into the craziest assumptions about this physical peculiarity. “I would have a deformation of the mammary gland, so it would have to be removed”, he concluded. This augurs a new intervention for the host and probably new teasing from his boss.

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