Benoît Poelvoorde plays dead on the set of C à vous, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine worries (ZAPTV)

Benoît Poelvoorde plays dead on the set of C à vous, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine worries (ZAPTV)

Tuesday, November 8, Benoît Poelvoorde was the guest of It’s up to you on the occasion of the release of Clovis Cornillac’s new film, colors of fire. Untenable as usual on the set, the actor particularly worried Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine by collapsing on the table.

Between Benoit Poelvoorde and It’s up to youit’s a long love story. The proof, even 5 years after having left the controls of the France 5 talk show to take those of the 8 p.m. from France 2, Anne-Sophie Lapix has not forgotten the escapades of the Belgian comedian: “With him, we are always on the verge of an accident but his desire to occupy space, to entertain, is very touching” she confided last year. Since that time, he has not calmed down, he who regularly returns to do his thing on the set. In June 2021, he provoked a real laugh on the set with his comrade Christian Clavierthe two men leaving in a real monologue on the joys of Belgium. Last January, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine even lived a real hell receiving him alongside Edouard Baer and François Damienstwo other real TV show fanatics.

I was a little scared

So inevitably, the concern was in place when receiving Benoît Poelvoorde again this Tuesday. The actor accompanied Lea Drucker and Clovis Cornillac on the set of It’s up to you for the last film of the latter, colors of fire. Benoît Poelvoorde started off strong by explaining why viewers had to see him sweating profusely on their screen: “It’s the jacket that keeps me warm, I’m not fat” he launched, causing a first giggle. Relieved of his famous jacket, he then launched into a new great monologue, completely lost in his words, to the point of worrying the host about the progress of his show. Then suddenly, he collapsed on the table It’s up to you !I was a little scared“, moreover, launched “Babeth” Lemoine while his guest mimicked a cardiac arrest in full explanation. To the point of making the show’s cameraman laugh, then mocked by the whole team. One thing is certain, no chance to get bored with Benoît Poelvoorde on a TV set.

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