Bertrand Chameroy looks back on his difficult years in “Touche pas à mon poste!”

Bertrand Chameroy looks back on his difficult years in “Touche pas à mon poste!”

The columnist who flourishes today in “C à vous” on France 5 gives the reasons for his departure from “TPMP”.

He is every evening in “C to you” alongsideAnne-Elisabeth Lemoine on France 5. His chronicles make the host and the viewers burst out laughing. “I have never been so happy professionally” declared Bertrand Chameroy in The Parisian this Monday, December 19. A contrast with the time when he officiated in ” Do not touch My TV “.

In 2012, he was hired by Cyril Hanouna . For four years, he hosted a chronicle in the form of zapping news. Humor and jokes fuse in front of the cameras while behind the scenes it’s a different story. “I felt bad going on set,” he says in the portrait that the daily devotes to him. On March 8, 2016, he announces live that he is leaving the star program of the C8 channel. “I no longer recognized myself. I preferred to stop there, without having a plan B” remembers Bertrand Chameroy before adding that “It was the best decision to make”. And “real relief” for comedy.

A toxic atmosphere

At the same time, the magazine Company an incriminating investigation against “Toxic Atmosphere” who would reign in the production of the show hosted by Cyril Hanouna. Bertrand Chameroy had been suspected of having testified anonymously, which he denies. Last November, the troublemaker of C8 attacked his former accomplice accusing him of take sides against him in the Louis Boyard affair in his column on RTL. “He is smart but when he sees me, he shits himself” ,he had declared in “Do not touch my post!”.

The success of “Don’t touch my post!” is still beneficial to him. He then worked for a few months on W9 and on Europe 1 alongside Daphné Bürki in “Bonjour la France”. In 2018, he returned to “TPMP” with “La Météo de Bertrand Chameroy”. “The worst possible idea”, he regrets today. “The band was no longer the same, the public had seen me resign live … It did not make sense”, analyzes the comedian today. His return to C8 is brief and definitively seals his divorce from the channel.

Since 2020, he has been at the table of “C à vous” on France 5. An editorial choice more in line with his ambitions “I feel much better today”. When asked about possible future projects, Bertrand Chameroy does not disperse: “my priority is ‘C to you'”.

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