Big fuel shortage for “The adorable stars (prologue)”, Redcar’s new album

Big fuel shortage for “The adorable stars (prologue)”, Redcar’s new album

It’s going to end badly. Finally, who said it was the end? This is a prologue, it is specified in parentheses following the title, The adorable stars. And as Redcar spares its effects, we are probably not at the end of our surprises. Redcar, finally, Chris. Finally, Christine and the Queens. In short, we understood each other: Héloïse Letissier who is now gendered in the masculine.

The first album touched by the originality of the texts, their finesse, the quality of the arrangements. The second ? He already signed an entry into the era of doubt, we felt the worn mechanics. But this third album feels like a death warrant. Listening to titles Say nothing and wing memorysomething obvious strikes us: we have already heard these pieces. But where? On the previous album, a priori. It must be five dolls (or maybe another title?). It’s reassuring, the benchmarks. Risk is boredom, and it hits us hard with The Knight’s Song and How longtitle rather well found for this repetitive and haunting piece which we understand nothing. We can easily imagine it spinning in a loop in the household appliances section of a supermarket. To spin the mercantile metaphor – and even if Redcar denies any marketing intention – it turns out that another title, looking for love would be perfect for selling dandruff shampoo on TV. There is something vigorous and hygienic in this determination to mistreat keyboards and listeners in this way.

Narcissistic agony

However, we cannot rehabilitate to eternal life the synths of eightieswe already did it twenty years ago. Here, Redcar manages the feat of re-ringardiser what it had taken so many years to no longer find shameful, these synthetic layers to which we had been able to restore a youth by calling them ancient. It is clearly not given to everyone. From this talent result some other disasters, like You know what I needwhose bellows sow fear, or I finally see youtwo pieces evoke the worst of the variety of the Mitterrand years. something between very first time of Jeanne Mas and Balavoine period Loving is stronger than being loved.

Be careful, however, we are not among rednecks. Here, we are talking about art. We have one ” Steps “a ” identify “ and one ” project “. On Twitter, between two selfies in a blazer, Redcar is always more verbose, a verbal incontinence worthy of a Donald Trump who has become both a queer and a misunderstood artist. They it claims that its change of name and genre is therefore not marketing. We would also be tempted to believe it, because even in the darkest hours of civil status, we are given first names that are a little less appalling than… Redcar. But Redcar (therefore) wants “total art. Names are like choices, they renew and alter reality.. OK… In the meantime, the reality of his music is all the same an unrepentant oscillation between mediocrity and pretension.

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So, a question arises: if not the artist herself, who has an interest in making all this cinema work, in maintaining this enormous melon which serves as her laboratory? The record company? Come on, would these people be so venal? It’s not completely impossible, and it’s even a little sad. Exploiting an artist’s psychological distress is not a good thing, but making it last can be lucrative. Especially when you think that Redcar, this new identity, is a poetic incarnation for the prologue of an opera that should be released in several parts. Judging by the preview, this long-awaited fairy tale should look like a parody version of the Night porterto the tragic grotesque of a Brecht or a Dürrenmatt but without intention or distance. Something very serious in the ridiculous. Energy sobriety is therefore in order: let’s remain enduring, we will have to hold on to witness this interminable narcissistic agony.

Long claustrophobic nightmare

In the meantime, back to the album. While the tempo of my birdman transposes us to the most kitsch of the 90s, the “funky” years as we said, squeezed between TLC and Ophélie Winter, Angelus challenges us: “Let’s see each other again every winter”offers Redcar in the middle of one of the most cryptic texts of the album. No, no, it will be fine, thank you very much. Magnanimous, we may save My beloved bye bye who opens the disc, pleasantly seventies with its incisive bass and guitar effects. One could almost believe in a soundtrack composed by a Polnareff in small form. Let’s admit. Since The adorable starslisteners do not fall unscathed back to terra firma. Locked forever in a looping piece of Desireless, they gasp and get damaged. “Looks like they’re going to die tonight”as Redcar wonders about The Clairefontaine. And the worst part is that it’s not totally impossible.

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It’s certain The loving souls that we will die, best of the robotic sounds we suffered on the worst Daft Punk album, human after allcirca 2005. In this long claustrophobic nightmare, the reference is worn to the core. To the marrow that we will run this driverless machine that Héloïse Letissier has become. About Redcar, we can still hear the audience of experts summoning the names of Björk, Bowie, Prince, Depeche Mode… The door is wide open (without us being really sure that the big head of the artist will manage to pass it ), the era allows this, escalates the phenomenon until death ensues. We have in mind the words of Karl Marx, when he maintains that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce. With Redcar, we have both at the same time. It’s tragically bad but we laugh out loud.

Red car, The Adorable Stars (prologue) Because the music.

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