Big Party to launch the cooperative book

Big Party to launch the cooperative book

In order to publish a very original participative book, the illustrator Anaïs Verdier had launched a writing contest which lasted two months and was a huge success, since nearly 500 people from several countries participated. After five months of work, in which his companion Pablo Pibarot also actively participated, and in particular the selection of the texts (the 24 best) among the 872 sent by the sixteen professional jurors, the cooperative book, nicely baptized “Kunigo”, will finally be offered. in presale on the Ulule platform. But everyone can also book it directly with Anaïs. As the latter does not do things by halves, it has organized a big free party open to all (Spanish inn type where everyone will bring their own little dish to share) which will take place on Friday September 30, 2022 from 6:30 p.m. village hall of the Bastide-L’Évêque, place of his residence, for what will be the official launch of the presale set up. Because let’s remember, the book will only be published on the imperative condition that at least three hundred copies of the book are reserved beforehand.

The evening programmed by the artist is intended above all to be family and festive, and will see of course the presence of the illustrator, the jurors and the authors who have the chance to appear in this original book whose title “Kunigo” has been wisely chosen. Highlight of the evening, the presentation of the cooperative book (youth book for 3-10 year olds) by Anaïs Verdier, will take place around 7:30 p.m. Art stationery, Art prints with or without frames, wall decorations, mirrors, tote bags, books, etc., a real Ali Baba’s cave for those looking for original gift ideas, whether for birthdays, for Christmas or whatever…

At the same time, a refreshment bar run by the Foyer des jeunes will allow you to refresh yourself at your leisure. Note that the dividends from this refreshment bar will go entirely to the fund of this local association.

On the entertainment side, there will be a reading of texts by the Théâtron company, Occitan music and dances, not to mention a cooperative concert where everyone can bring their instrument to make music together. Come many because the success of this evening depends on you.

You can already discover an excerpt from the book on:

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