Bigflo and Oli: this song by the two rappers that the radios do not want to broadcast

Bigflo and Oli: this song by the two rappers that the radios do not want to broadcast

Rappers Bigflo and Oli have been on tour for a few months. While their last album was released in June 2022, the two brothers continue to promote it and ask for certain titles to be broadcast on the radio waves. But this Wednesday, January 18, 2023, a problem has emerged…

The French rapper duo Bigflo and Oli came back in force less than a year agoafter a well-deserved break of almost two years. After three albums, hundreds of small venues, dozens of zeniths and several large venues, Florian and Olivio Ordonnez have chosen to take time for themselvesand this, during the period of confinement at the arrival of the Covid-19. A period chosen by chance, which will have been more than beneficial for the two brothers.

Eighteen months later, Bigflo and Oli have returned to center stage with a new title, baptized Holy shit. A song more political than the previous ones. Finally, the iconic duo charts its course and releases several tracks before unveiling their fourth album, The others are us. Another success for the rappers and new coaches of The voicewhich announce, in the process, a tour in small rooms, then in Zeniths in France. This year 2023 will therefore be rich in emotions and encounters… But it was without counting on these few little hazards of life.

A title that does not pass

This Wednesday, January 18, 2023, the two Toulouse rappers wanted to give some news to their fans and subscribers on Instagram. In their joint account, Oli filmed an exchange on the phone, in which we hear his brother, Bigflo, defending their title sad people. This track is from their latest album released on June 24, 2022. Oli writes in an Instagram story to explain the situation: Problem of the day: the radios don’t really want to play ‘Les gens tristes’. Too dark or a bit slow, etc.can we read.

Indeed, the title begins with the following lyrics: My best friend died, I was 13. Words less joyful than usual, but which should largely speak to radio listeners. According to Bigflo, they (the broadcasters, Editor’s note) could play the game on this title. What does it change, it’s good to have things a little differenthe said in that phone call. The call of the foot is made…


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