Billy Crawford could join the cast of a famous TF1 series (ZAPTV)

Billy Crawford could join the cast of a famous TF1 series (ZAPTV)

After winning the twelfth season of Dance with the starsBilly Crawford is about to join the cast of a flagship series of TF1. Saturday November 19, on the set of TPMP PeopleIsabelle Morini-Bosc also confided that the singer could be at the center of a new fiction.

Friday, November 11, Billy Crawford won the twelfth season of Dance with the stars in front of Carla Lazzari and Stephane Legar. A few hours after his coronation, his wife, Coleen Garcia, sent him a tender message on his Instagram account. “Words cannot express how proud I am of you my love! Not just for winning this tough competition, but for being the person you have become: a kind, humble man who works hard, dreams big for his family, aims for the stars, and makes sure to lift as many people with him as road courseshe wrote. After taking a break for a few days to recover from his emotions, the Filipino-American singer also sent a thank you message to his dance partner : “It’s been a few days since we won Dancing with the Stars but from the bottom of my heart, thanks again to Fauve Hautot for your patience and incredible talent. I’m forever grateful to have been able to work with someone as awesome as you.”he confided.

Billy Crawford soon to be cast in a series of TF1 ?

Saturday November 19, Matthew Delormeau featured a new issue of his show TPMP People. Isabelle Morini-Bosc, who officiates as a columnist, made revelations about the potential future projects of Billy Crawford. “There is a fiction project. TF1 thinks with him”she revealed, adding that the channel would also be considering the singer for a series. “He should integrate here everything begins or Tomorrow belongs to us”clarified the columnist. “It’s extremely fast anyway, because I had completely zapped his face”remarked the actress Natasha Amalpresent on the board. A news that should nevertheless delight the fans of the artist.

Billy Crawford

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