Binche: book and jewelry for carnival

Binche: book and jewelry for carnival

Passionately in love with Binchois folklore, Binchois didn’t have to go far to find her hero since it was… her grandson. “I found that the educational books that exist about carnival are very boring, which is why Nadia and I wanted to make something colorful that would appeal to everyone.

Her colleague from the Plus Oultre Institute, Nadia, alias By Naba, translated Nadine’s words into a picture. “Even I motivated her to start writing a story!”, the artist told us. “My dream is to be able to illustrate children’s books, but making a living from it is very complicated because the market is saturated. Therefore, we are obliged to go the route of self-publishing. Personally, I don’t know much about Binchois folklore, but I immersed myself in it thanks to the complicity of Nadine, who explained everything to me and showed me lots of photos of different folklore characters. Maybe we can get out of it for other folklore in the region. We’ll see.

The book will soon be available for sale at the Tourist Office and the Museum of Masks.

Also jewelry

Only this time, By Naba has released a new series of gems for Carnival 2023, but it has to face another problem. “I can no longer find depots where I can sell my jewelry. This has really become a big concern, especially after covid and the increasing lockdown. What I have to do is start searching again, but that takes a lot of time and is annoying because my network was well established.

If you are interested in By Naba’s creations, go to his Facebook page.

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