Binche: finds the recidivist thief who stole her cell phone and hands it over to the police

Binche: finds the recidivist thief who stole her cell phone and hands it over to the police

It’s a crazy story that happened to Marie last Wednesday. It all started when she came to pick up her son at the Binche Academy, on rue Saint-Paul, where her official cell phone was stolen, as well as her wallet, which was left in the car. “I have already spotted a suspicious person hanging around my car before I left it.“, 48-year-old Binchoise explains to us.Then he entered the academy park and I even bumped into him there.

So far, everything is fine except that when Marie is home, she realizes that her cell phone has been stolen, as well as her wallet. “I have a problem with the car key, which no longer works well, so I left the door open for the three minutes it took to pick up my son. A mistake on my part that the thief took advantage of. I then went to the police station who registered my complaint. I was sure that the person I met at the academy was the one who stole my car and I described it to the policeman who thought he recognized, from my description, a repeat offender who had never been caught running a red light before… turned it in.

Until then, because thanks to the persistence of “Sherlock” Marie, the notorious thief could be caught. “When I left the police station, I told myself that it can’t stop there. It was my service cell phone, my work tool and I felt very bad about my employer who had to replace it. So I turned my car into Binche, convinced that I could find him, and that’s what happened, on Wanderpepen Avenue.

La Binchoise then called the police, who monitored the progress of the person in question live, with the help of the city’s surveillance cameras. “The police officers arrived very quickly and searched the pockets of the person I recognized. They contained my official cell phone, as well as another brand new cell phone!

Because the individual was not in the first attempt that day. “In the meantime, a lady contacted me via Messenger, whom I thank by the way, to tell me that she found my wallet on the street, which contained only my bank cards and ID card. As for my children, he didn’t touch it, but I declared them lost to the police. That lady found two more wallets in the same place that belonged to workers also stripped in the morning.

All’s well that ends well for Marie who, apart from her bank cards, was able to get her belongings back, but she will have to replace her children’s ID cards as well as her own, an accident she would have been fine without…

The person arrested after this affair will have to face his responsibility, but also justice.

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