Bitten by his cat, he succumbed to his wound8230 four years later

Bitten by his cat, he succumbed to his wound8230 four years later

adopts a cat and her litter in a shelter. Only a few days later he gets bitten on the index fingerarque that the wound in his hand, swollen, had doubled in size. Worried, he goes to a doctor the next day who recommends that he wait. But the hand does not deflate. After several consultations, he went to the hospital where he was interned for 1 month and underwent about fifteen operations there.

The wound is steadily deteriorating

. After four months of treatment, the doctors decided to amputate his infected finger! But nothing helps, Henrik’s health deteriorates even more. His immune system becomes increasingly weakpneumoniaHenrik Kriegbaum Plettner died of his infection in October 2022. On December 14 in the , his family decided to alert as many of us as possible to the dangerousness of being bitten or scratched by a cat or dog. If the wound closes quickly with the bacteria, it can cause serious damage. The case of Henrik Kriegbaum Plettner, however, remains extremely rare.


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