Blake Lively flaunts her baby bump and jokes that her workout regimen ‘isn’t working’

Blake Lively flaunts her baby bump and jokes that her workout regimen ‘isn’t working’

This is one of the babies that we expect most of the year: that of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. It will be their fourth, in other words, it has become a routine for them. Already parents of three daughters, James, born in December 2014, Inez, born in September 2016, and Betty, born in October 2019, the couple does not want to know if it will still be a girl or a little boy who will join the family. But one thing is certain, after hiding this new pregnancy for a long time, Blake Lively can’t stop sharing pictures.

Blake Lively jokes about her pregnancy

It was last September 15, during a party Forbesthan the old Serena of Gossip Girl surprised everyone by posting a well-rounded belly. A few days later, tired of seeing paparazzi hiding in front of her house and in order to satisfy their curiosity (and ours), she shared several photos of her on Instagram. pregnant. We were then able to see her again on the carpet of a evening given in honor of her dear and tender, before she don’t give it to Noahl (thanks Ryan for sharing).

And this January 2, Blake Lively, 35, once again showed off her belly – which is growing, getting bigger… And she proved in passing that she had kept her sense of humor. The actress posted a before/after photo where we see her training with sports coach Don Saladino. On the left, she displays a flat and muscular stomach, on the right, the baby bump has taken over. “I’ve been doing the training program for months now. Something is not working »she had fun in legend. Don’t forget to tag her husband.

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