Bompas: Johanna signed her book “Les Fascias”

Bompas: Johanna signed her book “Les Fascias”

In the library, in the presence of Sylvia Trotin, cultural assistant, Johanna Winkel, holder of a federal diploma, who has been teaching yoga for 40 years (of which 30 in Bompas), signed her book Fascia. She was also trained in Western health techniques, and her journey in yoga practice – especially that of energy – is articulated within an in-depth exploration of the fascia and the energy that circulates through it. . job is specifically aimed at fascias whose therapies were designed in the 1980s based on the descriptions of ancient anatomists. Fascia is the largest sensory organ in the human body. This white, fibrous web actually stretches throughout the body like a spider’s web. The ability of fascia to stretch helps maintain the body’s flexibility, stabilize bones and muscles, and at the same time protect them. The schedule of practical, targeted exercises arose out of significant request from participants, with the primary interest of memory support for their personal practice. Both relaxing and anti-stress, each exercise preserves and increases the role of fascia in the body. This book would not have seen the light of day without the enlightened help of Dr. Jean-Michel Andreu and his wife Michèle.

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