Booba ends Gims who justifies himself on his style of rap

Booba ends Gims who justifies himself on his style of rap

Gims explains that he no longer raps like before, Booba dismantles him!

I’m 36, I can’t tell the same thing as Koba or Gazo told very honestly will be born in his interview with Mehdi Maizi on current way of working and writing rap tracks in his career. This statement did not leave indifferent Booba who has a totally opposite opinion on the subject and has decided to let it be known.

Without waffle, will be born answered on the show The code to questions from Mehdi Maïzi and one of the sequences of this interview challenged Booba. It is on the occasion of the publication of the fifth solo album of his career baptized “LDVM” (Mozart’s Last Will) than the former leader of Sexion D’Assaut explained that he does not have the same lifestyle as the new generation of French rappers who are increasingly popular with listeners, citing the examples of Koba LaD and Gauze to compare himself to them but B2O is not at all of the same opinion decided to tackle him for his remarks.

“I think the problem with hip hop and rap is that at a certain age, it gets harder and harder.” said Gims in the studios ofApple Music before delivering his more detailed opinion to justify himself. “Because you have to tell yourself the truth, it’s music listened to by children, kids, the very young. And today, by people a little older. Older because it’s an art that arrived at a certain time so you have to mature the thing” does he notice on today’s rap. The DemDem companion later continued with a comparison between rap in France and the United States.

“We are not in the United States where the DJs invented the thing a long time ago, where the rap fans are 75 years old. We’re not there yet. We are in a thing where it is still limited, so rapping is becoming more and more complicated, more and more difficult to have an audience that will identify with your texts. deplores Gims. “What are you going to say? I am 36 years old. What am I going to tell? I can’t rap what Koba LaD says. You see ? I can’t necessarily rap what Gazo says. It matches their lives, their stuff, it’s dirty. But here it is, I want to be consistent.” then specifies Meugui. Booba shared the video excerpt from Gims’ passage in Le Code to give him a spade. The explanation of “I can’t do it” by Maître Gims. he tweeted.

A new attack from Kopp against Gims who spoke last week on their clash live on France Inter by revealing why he sometimes reacts to attacks from his rival by assuring that Booba is actually one of his fans.


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