Booba ridicules Magali Berdah after her intervention on BFMTV and TPMP the same day! – Tuxboard

Booba ridicules Magali Berdah after her intervention on BFMTV and TPMP the same day! – Tuxboard

Booba continues to attack Magali Berdah. On Twitter, he made fun of the young woman after her intervention on BFMTV.

Booba continues to wage war to Magali Berdah. The rapper spoke this Sunday, January 22 after watching the intervention of the creator of Shauna Events on BFMTV.

Booba attacks Magali Berdah on social networks

This Saturday, January 21, Magali Berdah testified on his daily ordeal on the set of BFMTV. With an open heart, the Shaune Events creator opened up about the cyberbullying she experiences on a daily basis.

Recently, the justice sentenced Magali Berdah for defrauding several influencers from her agency. Thus, the mother of the family was forced to pay nearly 2 million euros to Jeremstar’s great friend, Emma Paris and her ex-boyfriend.

Indeed, the two influencers accused the sworn enemy of Booba for having terminated their contract without a valid reasonthus depriving them of several sums of money that they should have received after working for the star agent’s company.

Information that very quickly reached the ears of Booba, who therefore reveled in this story. The words of Magali Berdah therefore did not move the rapper.

“It really destroyed my life. We have no more life! When you open your phone, you get insulted… You open the Internet and you see your address broadcast, you have to move”has explained the partner of Stéphane Téboul.

And to add the trembling voice: “The phone number that’s been released, fake sex tapes where I have to explain to my kids and show them the real video to show them their mom didn’t do this. It’s humiliating ! (…) You don’t dare go out anymore, because people spit on you.

Magali Berdah also explained that she had been forced to move its offices, because she feared for her safety. And that of its employees. And Booba did not hesitate to answer him.

The rapper pokes fun at the creator of Shauna Events

“I moved my offices, he broadcast the next day a video of my new offices, when I had not even broadcast to the registry. I am in France while he is in the United States. All of this has to stop, it’s no longer possible.”she explained speaking of Booba.

During this interview on BFMTV, Magali Berdah thus explained that Booba had appealed to people to humiliate him and share audio messages from her which were to remain private.

“One more lie. As soon as Magali Berdah loses face, loses judgment or is unmasked, her crisis communication team finds her a TV or a media outlet so she can go cry and accuse rapper Booba of cyberbullying.did he write on the blue bird social network.

And to add: “She’s making a diversion but it’s almost time. I don’t threaten anyone with death, I don’t send anyone.”he finished. And this Sunday, January 22, the rapper got paid the head of the popess of influencers on social networks.

This time, Booba made a montage of Magali Berdah’s recent intervention on BFMTV. By putting an emoji of the young woman laughing out loud.

“Booba destroyed my life… Crazy laughter at TPMP. Then actor studio on BFMTV. Same day 2 rooms 2 atmospheres a filthy #changetoiaumoinszobi”he wrote on Twitter. A tweet that did not go unnoticed by his community. Bnothing on the contrary.

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