Book about “Biodynamics and Champagne” by Fabrice Hoche

Book about “Biodynamics and Champagne” by Fabrice Hoche

It’s Fabrice Hoche photographer training. After 6 years of following almost all courses on biodynamics offered to Champagne winegrowers in the region, after meeting, interviewing and photographing them several times, he has just published a book entitled: “Biodynamie et Champagne”. The latter tells about 37 winegrowers from Champagne who embarked on biodynamic cultivation. Along with these testimonials, the book offers a lot of information for professionals and beginners alike.

Fabrice Hoche, passionate, also answered the call of wine by attending a distance learning course, BPREA, a professional certificate for the manager of agricultural and viticultural operations. And applying the method in practice, the latter also bought plots in the Ardennes, where he himself is from. With the goal of planting 50 different varieties of vines on 4 hectares in the spring of 2023 in an experimental approach: there will be no trellis and the trees will serve as stakes for the vines. The rest will be more classic: biodynamics, eco-grazing of sheep, agroforestry and vinification under trees for still wine in white and red (and maybe a little orange and yellow).

Biodynamics and champagne: €40 each. Lirales, 8 bis rue de Verdun, 52000 Chaumont.

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