Book: “Corsica, a genetic melting pot

Book: “Corsica, a genetic melting pot

Remarkable advances in genetic research tools in just two decades have opened countless fields of knowledge in a wide variety of fields. The complete deciphering of the human genome and a better understanding of genetic mutations and their transmission within our species have indeed made it possible to consolidate or invalidate a number of theories put forward in such diverse disciplines as paleoanthropology, archaeology, history, genealogy…
Because now we know how to date and locate the appearance of characteristic mutations and thus “go back in time”. The history of migrations and interbreeding that made up all of humanity is now being determined with unparalleled reliability from simple human cell nuclei.
In just a few years, DNA and its infinite combinations have become a real “open book”, a storehouse of extraordinary history spanning several hundred thousand years… which each of us carries in our own way!
Corsica, like thousands of other places on the planet, has been the subject of numerous scientific studies to discover the diversity of its ancient and modern genetic heritage and thus contribute, in its rightful place, to the reconstruction of the great human adventure. When was it populated? From who ? Who were the first Mesolithic inhabitants of the island? And those Neolithic people from the Middle East whose haplotypes are found on the island?
And these Celto-Ligurians, these Etruscans, these Greeks, these Romans and so many others who sometimes left no archaeological or cultural trace, but only a few combinations of DNA in the body of the islanders?
Crossing all the studies published to date in the best scientific journals in the world with the latest historical knowledge, Stefanu Leandra shares here the first state of migration genetics applied in Corsica.

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