Book fair: it’s time to stock up on literature in Laroquebro (Cantal)

Book fair: it’s time to stock up on literature in Laroquebro (Cantal)

The days of literary exchanges are back, and with them the authors imbued with a palpable desire to meet their readers. Among them, Sergeï Bonal. Author Aurillac, born in St. Petersburg, Russia, will come to sign at least three of his novels, including his latest, The Baikal Song.
For him, fairs are a special opportunity for a unique relationship that does not go through paper. “It is a real moment of exchange, some readers return year after year and give us their opinion on the novel they have read in the meantime. That is always very useful. The author, who invites his readers to immerse himself in a police investigation between St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal and Aurillac, also finds a way to tell his story. His novel has autobiographical elements. “Like the main character, I was adopted,” he says.

An edition that regains its full format

He will not be the only one who will present himself orally this Sunday, as more than sixty authors are expected at the Laroquebro book fair. “This year we find our full format, explains Pierre Audissergues, elected for culture in the town hall of Laroquebrou. Last year, Covid-related restrictions forced us to revise the meter. Back to normal with this year’s little novelty. “The Ici on lit association will be offering read-alouds from 2 to 3 p.m. »

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Next year, the chosen one ensures that the book fair will try to win the cover. “It is our will,” he says. In the meantime, Aurillac bookstore Point-Virgule has prepared an offer with small onions for the visitors expected this Sunday.

ConferenceWriter Didier Courtine will meet his readers at 14:30 at the Laroquebrou media library to discuss his latest novel Une vie à tire-d’aile. “It’s a very touching story about a couple living in Laroquebrou, whose story begins in Africa,” said Nancy Bret, media librarian in the city.

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