Book of the month: Genetics of horse fur

Book of the month: Genetics of horse fur

To become almost invincible and explore the mysteries of our horse’s coat, this is the essential book!

Richly documented and illustrated, this book will immerse readers in the beautiful but complex world of genetics, opening your eyes to the mysteries surrounding horse hair. How does a foal inherit a certain color? How is each dress characterized? Thanks to diagrams, photos and clear and detailed explanations, this book is intended for everyone, whether you are a grower or a simple amateur. A real source of science, which in ten chapters deals with concepts sometimes little known to experts, who are nevertheless increasingly interested in the topic: you will know everything!

A bit of biology on the program, a return to the differences in phenotype (what we see) and genotype (genetics), or even various pathologies related to genetics. We also talk about hair nomenclature, but based on genetics rather than the traditional phenotype-based nomenclature. To go further, we are talking about crosses, in order to determine the probability of the dress in the future draw according to the parents. Concepts that are sometimes complex, but well illustrated and explained, enough to deepen the genetic knowledge of the enthusiast!

Genetics of horse fur, collective of authors, IFCE bookstore200 p., €30.

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