Book: “Paul Tissier, architect of the celebration (…)

Book: “Paul Tissier, architect of the celebration (…)

Paul Tissier, the son of a printer from Yonne, who became an architect and watercolorist, was best known for his talent as a party organizer. With his wife Gisèle, a harpist and fashion designer, they designed extraordinary scenographies, especially in Nice from 1924: the Proconsul’s Banquet, the Russian Festival, the Lantern Festival, then Oasis, Joujoux, Fashion Fair, Vera Cruz, etc.

After the death of her husband, Gisele continued her work, and in 1927 she opened a workshop for making dolls, which she connected with her parties. He also creates stage costumes and clothing for celebrities, and meets an impressive gallery of celebrities, shedding new light on the period.

Fortunately, Gisèle was able to keep much of her archive as well as holiday decorations, allowing Patrick Down View, in the late 1980s, gather more than four hundred elements of festive decoration, 80 watercolors and drawings as well as about a hundred documents about the Quat’z’Arts ball, an extraordinary set that accompanies these festivities from the Belle Époque

A superbly illustrated monograph containing the main elements of these archives has just been published: “Paul Tissier, architect of the celebration of the Roaring Twenties” by Stéphane Boudin-Lestienne, Éditions Norma, 256 pp., 405 illustrations.

The book has just received the Paul Marmottan Award 2022, which the Academy of Fine Arts awarded to its author.

It has just been presented at the Rabelais gallery in Nice.

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