Books of the year 2022

Books of the year 2022

Books of the year 2022

Baptiste Liger: “That’s it, it’s time to reveal the books of the year. So the winners are… We’ll find out right away. Like every year, Read Literary magazine announces its list of 100 books of the year by mixing together great editorial successes, works that have sparked controversy, got people talking, and, of course, our personal and subjective favorites, of course.

Everything, in absolutely every field, literature, essay writing, comics, young people, documents and so on. But god, kudos now, in the book of the year!

BD from 2022

Therefore, the field of comics for this year 2022 was awarded the title of book of the year… The last queen from Jean-Marc Rochette !

So Rochette is known to comic book fans, of course, but maybe not to the general public. While we owe him e.g Transperceneigea great science fiction odyssey that the director transferred to the screen Bong Joon-Hoto the Korean director to whom we owe a special debt Parasite.

The story is very simple, it is a story about two broken souls. On the one hand, a broken face, as they say, from 14-18. And on the other hand, the sculptor who is responsible for the reconstruction of this soldier’s face. And in return, this man will make him discover his region, that of Vercors, inhabited by many animals, especially bears.

How to say? It is simply an absolute masterpiece of comics that Jean-Marc Rochette offers us, both in terms of construction and emotion, rough but extremely good line, colors, feeling for the ellipse and the ability to describe this nature and the mysteries of individuals and everything that holds together from start to finish. After all, it is a long album of about 200 pages.

In short, total success that comes very naturally.

Foreign novel 2022

To stay in the domain of queens, you know, the queen mother left us this year, and maybe that’s why we decided to give the title of the best foreign novel in 2022. Jonathan Coe pour A divided kingdom.

The great British saga that he knows how to do over three generations, where the story of the family serves as an occasion to tell the story of the nation, of the country, of England, under the yoke of the Cadbury factory. You know, those British chocolates that have such a… special taste, that…

There is always that mastery of Jonathan Coe, the author welcome to the club, The heart of England, in particular, which captures all the mutations of society with the true sense of the series. Because it is a real wonderfully pleasant saga that it offers us.

When content and form combine, simply the best foreign novel.

United Kingdom

French novel from 2022

How about we talk about sex now? That’s what Emma Becker good and even very good inside bad behaviourdeclared the best French novel of 2022.

In line with his previous book, Housesuccessfully evoking her experience in a Berlin brothel, Emma Becker continues to wonder about sexuality, asking herself many questions.

How to live your sexuality after motherhood? How to express your desire to men? Conversely, how do men seize desire? Do they feel it in women? What’s the use? What consequences?

Well, she dissects it all in the actual story, with a strong gallery of especially well-sketched characters and a few subtle little provocations, and not at all where you expect it.

Strangely shunned from the big autumn literary awards, this absolutely incredible text deserves real attention in this review.

Bad behaviour

Trial in 2022

To be in her place, here’s a title Emma Becker could have used. But hey, he’s already taken Claire Marin pour To be in her placetherefore, according to the editors of Read Literary Magazine, the best essay of 2022.

Actually, it’s all in this title, To be in her placeto understand, to make one’s place, one’s hole, to be moved both in family and love life, or on a professional level, or in society in general.

Claire Marin dissects all the meanings of this word, situates it and offers very concrete, down-to-earth applications for our daily lives. And that with strong philosophical, psychological, sociological, but also literary, social references. However, it is never excessive. There is an intelligence at work, but always available. And, honestly, if all personal development books in general could look like this, I’d say yes, yes, yes!

You will love it

Here’s something to brighten up your Christmas tree with these gift ideas. Why not some personal pleasures? That’s up to you… In any case, have a nice vacation. See you in January. You will see. There’s a lot of great stuff. »

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