Booksellers advise: November 2022

Booksellers advise: November 2022

Initiative Booksellers recommend responds to the request of readers eager for suggestions. Every month, a commission made up of fifteen booksellers, after many passionate and fascinating discussions, determines a selection of five books. Essays, comics, novels for children or for adults, from here and elsewhere, these five books are sold in bookstores that are members of our network. This initiative is an excellent opportunity to promote books that are considered particularly valuable, as well as to emphasize the essential role of your bookseller. Here are the picks for November.

Heather O’Neill (alto)

Young Marie and Sadie clearly had nothing to bring them together. The former comes from a respected family that made its fortune on sugar and attracts attention wherever it goes; the other is a silent, unloved and frighteningly intelligent child. From their incredible meeting, a devastating friendship will be born, full of desires, contradictions, and losses. Heather O’Neill sublimates our senses with her novel Insanity, skillfully dancing between innocence and ruin. This baroque and sensual immersion in Montreal where class struggles are active is magical!
Cassandra SiouiLibrairie Hannenorak (Lost)

living body
Julie Delporte (Pow Pow)

Alternating past and present, Julie Delporte offers us an autobiographical story imbued with sweetness, always harmoniously intertwining pastel colors. The author exposes important elements of her personal history, without judgment and by overturning social norms surrounding heteronormativity. The concurrence of time enables the awareness of certain problematic components that belong to the past and their observation and reflection in the immediate discourse, which opens up new perspectives. living body is an act of love directly connected with self-knowledge, evolution with letting go of the murky past.
Susie LevesquePoint de suspension bookstore (Chicoutimi)

The summer when everything melted away
Tiffany McDaniel (Gallmeister)

After the unforgettable Betty (Prix des libraires du Québec, 2021), the extraordinary Tiffany McDaniel returns to us with her first novel. Equally powerful, The summer when everything melted away he is interested in the nature of the evil that lurks deep within each of us, ready to emerge as soon as a critical threshold of fear or despair is crossed. The premise alone would convince even the most jaded readers. One fine summer, a district attorney from deep Ohio, obsessed with the idea of ​​evil, places an ad in the local paper inviting the devil to meet him. However, it is not a large horned and crimson demon that materializes in a cloud of smoke, but a small black boy with particularly green eyes and who speaks with the eloquence of a book. From then on, like a new type of incident, this little guy named Sal will act as the debunker of everyone’s fears, hates and obsessions. In order for God to remain blameless, someone had to become dirty by becoming his adversary. Above the images and dark stories intertwined in the story of the descent into hell of the Fielding family (the plaintiff’s son), poetry emerges from the depths, like a well held back too long to sweep away everything before it. An important book built following the cartography of mistakes and bankruptcy of American society, like a stele in memory of all the martyrs of racism and homophobia. McDaniel is definitely one of the greats!
Thomas Dupont-BuistGallimard bookstore (Montreal)

Half the world
Alice Zeniter (Flammarion)

An excellent read from this book! Alice Zeniter, the author of such a fine and sensitive pen, entrusts us with her life in readings. Readings that shaped, inspired, transformed her; the questions she raises and the path these doubts take in her author’s work. At the same time, he highlights the power of fiction that enables these reminiscences, those that inhabit and accompany us. A fascinating book, I said, which is addressed to the readers that we are and which pays tribute to this vast tapestry of characters, stories and lives that we encounter during all these pages read.
Chantal FontaineModern bookstore (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)

Anxiety about fasting
Sara Robinson (Triptych)

In this first novel that transposes characters Notre Dame in Paris from Hugo to the nightlife hubs of Vieux-Hull and Gatineau, the storyteller’s dexterity, which boasts a gleeful reinvention of the relevance of footnotes among other credits, is as original as it is fascinating. From Phoebus the bass player to Frollo the young ephebe through several Quasimodos, Outaouais’ epic of the glowing Esmeralda is a literary tour de force where the ironic conviction of the narrator is constantly put into perspective through a story in which intertextuality, more than a process, takes the form of a metaphor whose fibrous spinning resembles the deceptive reflections of gilded memories which inhabit the more or less golden youth of those who had the opportunity to have it.
Philippe FortinMarie-Laura (Jonquière) bookstore

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