Booktok, this new TikTok phenomenon that forces young people to read: “It prompted me to buy more than a dozen books”

Booktok, this new TikTok phenomenon that forces young people to read: “It prompted me to buy more than a dozen books”

It’s a real phenomenon on the social network TikTok: far from choreography and challenges, some influencers specialize in reading. This new trend is called Booktok, an abbreviation of the words Book and TikTok.

These short videos, where influencers share their thoughts on their latest reads, sometimes have hundreds of thousands of views and comments. The result: customers who flock and some books that sell like crazy. This is what Marie-Catherine Kiffer, head of the science fiction, fantasy and children’s department at the Charleroi bookstore, notes: “As soon as a book appears on social networks, we immediately see the “hype”. Sometimes it is not easy to follow, because we can talk about the book in the morning and we can have 4 to 5 requests already during the day.“.

If Booktok allows highlighting of new books, it happens that influencers recommend older works. They are then suddenly the subject of renewed interest: “Old titles that were no longer wanted, Tiktokes will be talking about it, we will have a flood of buyers coming. We will have about fifteen or twenty requests in a few days“, notes Marie-Catherine Kiffer.

With more than 1.5 billion monthly users, TikTok’s target audience is young people. More and more of them are interested in reading thanks to Booktok: “Ever since I saw the Booktok phenomenon on TikTok, it inspired me to buy more than a dozen books“, the young reader explains to us. Genres favored by “Booktokers” are fantasy and romance.

The enthusiasm for this type of video cannot be ignored by booksellers, who need to accelerate. Some books did not have distributors in bookstores, now this is the case thanks to Booktok: “We have more and more customers who sometimes ask us to get books that are not sold directly in bookstores, because they hear about them on Booktok. We will get information from those self-publishers to try to have the books and respond as much as possible.“, explains Marie-Catherine Kiffer.

And for publishers, Booktok is an interesting approach to these young people. Some therefore start working with influencers by sending them books for free, in exchange for advertising on TikTok.

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