Boxes full of emotions to share

Boxes full of emotions to share

Created and produced by the municipality in 2015, two “Book Boxes” were installed, one on the Place de la Pujolle, the other near the playground in the Bellevue district. These distinctive “cabins” are mini-libraries where anyone can store or borrow books for free. Their goal is to give a second life to the works read, make them available, lend them to others and thus promote access to reading, knowledge and culture while respecting the environment.

Reading books is a priceless treasure for many lovers of letters, and it is a great action to part with dear books in order to reveal them to others. “Pink” novels, thrillers, magazines, comics, poets, all neatly arranged on the shelves next to books for “little ones”.

At the end of school, it is not uncommon to see mothers choosing beautiful, colorful books with their children, in the Place de la Pujolle. In good weather, you can also look at the Juillanais (or not!) sitting under the plane tree and discussing the book they have chosen or brought that day. In the Bellevue district, while the children are playing, many parents, after choosing a book, sit on the benches and delve into it with pleasure.

Don’t hesitate to visit these “Book Boxes”, they will tell you nothing but great stories.

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