‘Breaking Bad’ actor Aaron Paul changes his name

‘Breaking Bad’ actor Aaron Paul changes his name

According to documents published on TMZ, American actor Aaron Paul has changed his last name.

Everyone knows him as Aaron Paul but the ‘Breaking Bad’ actor is actually called Aaron Paul Sturtevant. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the 43-year-old American gave up his last name inherited from his father in order to call himself simply Aaron Paul. His wife of 9 years now, Lauren Parsekian, is making the same change.

But this is not the only change that the young parents have decided to adopt. Their son, born in April 2022, will now be called Ryden Caspian Paul in the absence of Casper Emerson Paul. According to american mediathe couple had to choose a first name in a hurry and opted for Casper Emerson. But very quickly, Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian had preferred Ryden Caspian. Only now are they legally making the change. The lovebirds also have a 4-year-old daughter named Annabelle.

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A few days after the birth of his son, the young forty-year-old was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. He had revealed that his sidekick Bryan Cranston was going to be the godfather of her newborn. “You know, I asked Bryan on his birthday if he agreed to be the godfather of our son”, he had told on NBC before letting go, joking: “He said no”. “I love this man to death. He is one of my best friends in the world,” he explained, calling this choice “obvious”.

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