breaking the mental health taboo

breaking the mental health taboo

The big names in literature have come together behind the same cause for the time of a new one. Entitled A little, a lot… madlythe book focuses on mental health and the ailments that trouble it.

On October 5, the collections of Harper Collins Poche will expand with a new book: A little, a lot… madly. Behind this evocative and yet polysemous title hides a sensitive and poignant text around the Mental Healthstill too often relayed at the margins. Bipolarity, depression, anxiety, addictions, schizophrenia… Although these illnesses cover diverse and varied realities, all have in common the discrimination and incomprehension that they generate against the sick, and this, by absence of (re )knowledge.

Lift taboos and free speech

To remedy this shortcoming, Oliver Adam, Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam, Karine Giebel, Émilie Guillaumin, Violaine Huisman, Aurélie Jeannin, Julia Kerninon, Mathias Malzieu, Anaïs Vanel and Gringer – sponsor of this first edition who also signs the preface – came together for a short story. The goal? Highlight the ailments that alter mental health in order to lift taboos and help with their management and support. In this touching story, the voices of the ten authors intertwine to describe their invisible muse and free speech.

On sale for just €5, all the profits fromA little, a lot… madly will be donated to the National Union of Families and Friends of Sick and/or Mentally Disabled People (Unafam), which supports the relatives of those who suffer from these disorders. A great company, quite commendable, which can make a difference.

A little, a lot… madlyHarper Collins Paperback, 192 p., €5. Available from October 5, 2022 and already on pre-order.

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