Brigitte Giraud won the Goncourt prize for her book “Live fast”, at the Flammarion

Brigitte Giraud won the Goncourt prize for her book “Live fast”, at the Flammarion

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Gathered at the Drouant restaurant in Paris, the ten members of the Goncourt Prize jury have just revealed the name of the 2022 winner. It is Brigitte Giraud for her book “Live Fast”, in Flammarion.

Awarded this Thursday, November 3, the Goncourt 2022, the most prestigious French literary prize, is a prize of renewal, crowning the best French novel of the year … “Live quickly” Brigitte Giraud, 56 years old. Published by Flammarion, the book looks back at the spiral of unbelievable events that led to her husband’s death in a motorcycle accident in 1999, which deeply moved some jurors.

Ten jurors, seven men and three women, reached their verdict after 14 rounds of voting at 12:50 p.m. from the Drouant restaurant in Paris. Brigitte Giraud, the 13th woman in 120 years to receive the award.

A key economic issue

The selection was narrowed down to four authors: two French women, Brigitte Giraud and Cloé Korman, Italian-Swiss Giuliano da Empoli and Haitian Makenzy Orcel. While in 2021 many expected the victory of the Senegalese Mohamed Mbougar Sarro, this year the forecasts were more difficult.

Literary awards, which at the end of the year often inspire those who want to discover or offer a novel, are a key economic issue. Le Goncourt guarantees sales in the hundreds of thousands. The prize comes with a check for ten euros, which users prefer to frame rather than deposit in the bank.

As tradition dictates, the Renaudot prize was awarded immediately after the Goncourt, in the same Parisian restaurant. The winner is Simon Liberati, for the book “Performance”.

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