Britney Spears’ meadow comes out of silence

Britney Spears’ meadow comes out of silence

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13 months have passed since Britney Spears was free from his tutelage who ruled his life for 13 years. Now free, the singer intends to live her life as she sees fit. Marie-Sam Asghariher boyfriend since 2016, the artist put his voice on “Hold Me Closer” of Elton John and would prepare behind the scenes a new revenge-like album about the hell she lived through for more than a decade, whilea musical around his hits will see the light of day in 2023 Broadway. But no concerts for the star who always says to himself traumatize on stage. In parallel, the interpreter of “Toxic” multiplies the cryptic messages on his Instagram account, some of which are deleted after a few hours, as well as pics of her naked. Which prompted Sam Asghari to justify himself, while some fans believe that the star’s Instagram account is controlled: She has her own voice and she is a free woman. I respect her privacy and protect her at all times. .

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“Where would Britney be today without this guardianship?”

On his side, the Daily Mail unveils an exclusive interview with Jamie Spears. An interview event since it had been more than a decade since Britney Spears’ father had not spoken publicly in the media. And in the columns of the English tablod, he confides at length on the very controversial guardianship of his singer daughter, which he fully assumes. Indeed, for him, she was necessary in order to save Britney Spears from herself but also from her relationship with her two children Preston and Jayden, now aged 17 and 16. If he doesn’t want draw a nice picture of the situation he insists he made the right choices for his daughter: Not everyone is going to agree with me. It’s been a hellish time. But I love my daughter with all my heart and all my soul. Where would Britney be today without this guardianship? I don’t know if she would still be alive. I do not think so .

“The family is in a mess”

Now 70 years old, Jamie Spears believes that the establishment of this guardianship was the best way to protect Britney Spears and her sons: Without that, I don’t think we would have given her her children back. . But the latter two have recently indicated that they want to distance themselves from their mother. I really miss them. We were very very close laments Jamie, referring to his grandsons Jayden and Preston: They were getting to the age where you can really have a good time with them. (…) God makes things happen for a reason. I don’t know what those reasons are, but aat three tough years without them. The family is in shambles. All we can do is keep praying . Jamie insists, however, that there has been good times passs all together, especially during holidays: We could take the children to Europe. They never lacked time with their mother. Nor with their father. Few people knew that. The main goal was for Britney to find a comfortable relationship with her children .

“I just did what I was supposed to do”

Over the years, he has developed a very special relationship with Kevin Federline, Britney’s ex and father of her two children. Today, he even says he wants to help him tell his story through a book, just like Britney Spears who should also soon take out his memoirs. My relationship with Kevin gave them a sense of peace and protection. Kevin can also tell you, we raised the children. I just did what I was supposed to do, or what I felt was the right thing to do. attests the father of the American popstar: I didn’t make these decisions alone, there was my partner, Kevin and me. We could take the children to the doctor and to school. (…) And this guardianship has ensured that the children never leave this house without being safe. They didn’t go to school a day without having eaten .

Britney Spears “mowing”?

When the guardianship began in 2008, the fortune of the singer was estimated at 50 million dollars. But according to Jamie, Britney Spears was mowing this time: She was out of money somehow. Guardianship established a resource to help her recover financially. And you know, we worked, and she worked, and she recovered financially. . According to him, the role of guardianship is to help someone regain their life, their place in society and to be able to live normally . And, 14 years after the establishment of this supervision, he says he is proud to have makes the difference .

Finally, Jamie Spears concludes by saying that he has nothing to do with the harsh criticism he has received for years. Because according to him, most people have no idea what the truth is : Mrs. Britney Spears’ lawyer. The media did not hear the truth. They heard Britney’s words. I don’t mind taking me this [flot de critiques] because I know it’s wrong and because I don’t want to start anything else. For my daughter to end up going deeper than the hole she was in .

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