Britney Spears releases disturbing new video

Britney Spears releases disturbing new video

While footage of Britney Spears making a scene in a restaurant was reported earlier this weekend by TMZthe singer has posted a disturbing new video on social media.

The 41-year-old star is once again making the buzz for a disturbing video posted on her Instagram account which is, as often, difficult to interpret.

Impossible to know exactly if she is referring to the disturbing images of her at the restaurant which caused a lot of talk this Saturday.

However, it seems that the singer is slightly upset judging by the video she posted.

We can see the star in light clothes dancing with a smile while doing the middle fingers.

The video is accompanied by a musical score, the song I touch Myself by Australian rock band Divinyls.

Britney Spears has chosen to disable comments on this video.

By doing so, she avoids many comments from Internet users. However, there is a good chance that some of his fans will be worried looking at these images.

Before posting this disturbing video, Britney Spears posted a visual on her Instagram account which reads: “They told me I couldn’t that’s why I did it”.

Yet another enigmatic message difficult to decipher…

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