Britney Spears suffers from nervous disorders: “It’s scary”

Britney Spears suffers from nervous disorders: “It’s scary”

Hardly a week goes by without Britney Spears acting up on social media. When she was still under the guardianship of her father, she denounced her situation. Since she was freed from it, it is most often naked or very scantily clad that she appears, when she did not deactivate her accounts before reactivating them almost immediately. A few days ago, she notably published a video sequence in which she appears in various sexy outfits, with this comment: “To feel yourself”. A way to celebrate his freedom found after being muzzled for years, she said. Maybe not that, we say to ourselves when reading one of his last messages published on Instagram.

Indeed, next to a video in which, bottle of water in hand, we see her dancing and gesticulating, she writes: “Nerve damage on the right side of my body…” Incurable from what we understand since she adds: “There is no remedy except God…”

And she explains: “Nerve damage is sometimes caused when your brain is not oxygenated enough. In this case, your brain literally shuts down.” She adds that she wakes up to three times a week in her bed “without more sensations in the hands”. “It goes up to my neck, but it’s my temples that are the most painful. It’s like injections and it’s really scary. (…) I firmly believe that my faith has given me strength. thank God I have found a form of medicine that is finally bringing oxygen back to my brain.” Tut this is a bit confusing but the main thing is at the end of her long message: today she is better.

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