bullied daily, Hoshi gives a moving testimony

bullied daily, Hoshi gives a moving testimony

Nightmare. This Thursday, January 12, Hoshi took to social media to raise a real cry of alarm. At the age of 26, the Versailles-born singer has to deal with attacks and messages every day that are more violent than the other. On her Twitter account, the translator Your sailor he revealed some of them as he gave a moving testimony.

Hoshiott. Selling LGBT“, “You are a pimp, you should be ashamed of yourself. I will rip your soul out with teleportation“, “We will destroy your account” or “You have unleashed the wrath of the national elite“are just a small anthology of distressing messages sent to the artist. Faced with these waves of hate, Hoshi decided not to let it go and speak out to specifically warn the government.”Do you see that? Does that shock you? I got thousands of them. It prevented me from living fully for 3 years. I lived a mental and physical hell: 28 days of ITT. I was afraid every time I went on stage, I was afraid of being attacked, I never went out alone since then, I lost 10 kilos (…) In France you can threaten people, make homophobic comments and go out freely the street because justice is not important“, she writes.

Hoshi then revealed that after his legal steps, only one person among those found by justice would have to face “trial”. “Save us while there is still time, don’t wait for things to end badly before you take an interest in the writings. Justice certainly lacks funds, but I have the impression that the state is letting it die“, she added.

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