But what was Brigitte Macron doing at the Blackpink concert in Paris?

But what was Brigitte Macron doing at the Blackpink concert in Paris?

The first lady made a stunning appearance at the K-pop superstars Blackpink concert at the Accord Arena in Paris on Monday, December 12.

Does Brigitte Macron have a passion for South Korean pop? The first lady was indeed seen at the Blackpink concert, girl group star of the genre. Not only was she on December 12 at the Accord Arena in Paris, but it was near the stage, and even before the start of the concert that she was seen. The wife ofEmmanuel Macron actually attended the Sound checka privilege reserved for fans who have purchased a special entry.

The four stars of the group, all dressed in candy pink, passed through Paris (for two consecutive dates, whose places flew away in twenty minutes) as part of their world tour following their second album, born pink.

And sweet power Politics

Was the appearance of the first lady purely diplomatic or would she have succumbed to the Hallyu (“Korean wave”)? We do not know if she stayed for a few minutes or for the two hours of the South Korean blockbuster. Be that as it may, the phenomenon has an eminently political significance. The popularity of South Korean productions is first the result of a government policy, which largely subsidizes them. Moreover, the Hallyu has significant diplomatic fallout, such as Ségolène Royal’s visit to Seoul in 2015, who posed with the Block B group. More recently, Joe Biden invited BTS to the White House. The male groupfirst record seller in the world, had come to raise awareness in the United States about anti-Asian racism, on the rise since the start of Covid-19.

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