But where are they? Top 5 Senegalese singers with short-lived success

But where are they? Top 5 Senegalese singers with short-lived success

The best for the end. Because yes, of all the artists mentioned above Naby was undoubtedly the most talented and promised a bright future in music. Winner of the Rfi Découvertes prize in 2009, the Reggae singer continues to tour the world. It occurs in 12 African countries, in France, in Canada. The young man has the wind in his sails. He takes advantage of this virtuous dynamic to release, in 2010, his first album named after one of his flagship titles “Dem Na”.

Naby stands out in his sounds by a heterogeneous mix between softness and dynamism. On an upward slope, the artist will, as if by magic, disappear from the radar. The reasons for this withdrawal will never be known, but according to a relative of the artist approached by Seneweb, Naby fell from a three-storey building and escaped with serious injuries. Still active, the artist continues his career far from his reputation of yesteryear under the name of Naby Condé. He also released a single on January 6, 2021 entitled “Nii Laay Dundé”. This title was the first extract from his album released on February 27 “Sama Art”.

During a press conference, the winner of the Rfi discovery prize returned to the reasons for his fall: “I could not manage this success well and everything that happened to me that year. It was sudden and it scared me. The Prix Découvertes Rfi even created problems within my group, because we didn’t understand each other on certain things. It was really intense. This price even slowed down my momentum in relation to the follow-up that the Demna album should have”.

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