C in the air – Retirement: a street-proof reform? streaming – Replay France 5

C in the air – Retirement: a street-proof reform? streaming – Replay France 5

The pension reform finally unveiled. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will detail the outlines at the end of the afternoon during a press conference. She will then be the guest of the 20 Hours of France 2, then of the franceinfo channel, where she will answer questions from Internet users and viewers. But we already know that, with this sixth pension reform in thirty years, it will be necessary to work longer, probably up to the age of 64 instead of the current 62, and that some who started working early or have arduous jobs , could assert their right before. On the other hand, this postponement should also be associated with an acceleration of the extension of the contribution period, which would increase to 43 years to benefit from a full pension, well before the year 2035 set by the previous Touraine reform. The executive hopes to reduce spending by 2030.

Opposed to this pension reform, all the unions have already planned to meet this evening to announce the date of their first day of action. A trade union front unseen for twelve years whose solidity will be one of the main unknowns of the battle which is announced. But for the time being, failing to convince the trade unions, the government hopes to rally the elected Republicans, which would allow it to have it adopted without resorting to the constitutional weapon of 49.3. In an interview with the Sunday Journal, Eric Ciotti said he was ready to “vote for a just reform” which would spreadover two five-year periods”with an increase in the legal retirement age to 63 in 2027, then 64 in 2032. The boss of LR also demands that the minimum pension of 1,200 euros programmed by the executive apply “retroactively to current retirees who benefit from the most modest pensions”and not only to new entrants.

On the left, conversely, all the components of the Nupes denounce the government’s project. La France insoumise wishes, moreover, to present a “complete counter-proposal”. “We don’t need to make people work longer“, insisted this Tuesday on franceinfo Mathilde Panot, the president of the group in the National Assembly. (…) On the contrary, we could move towards a civilization of freed time where we work less, in the week, the year, with the sixth week of paid vacation and in life, with retirement at 60. The national secretary of the French Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, for his part considered that “there is no justification for raising the retirement age. We want a great parliamentary debate… and without 49.3 at the end please”. According to him, “this reform will lead the country into a deep crisis”. “We must open a new sequence, start the mobilization against the decline in the legal retirement age“ had also launched in recent days the first secretary of the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure, guaranteeing the unity of the left in the face of these government proposals.

After this day, the text will be presented to the Council of Ministers on January 23. The unions would consider mobilizing around this date. The Nupes should hold meetings on January 10 and 17, while the youth organizations, supported by LFI, will demonstrate on the 21st. According to a latest Ipsos poll, 79% of French people would be opposed to postponing the legal retirement age retreat.

So work until what age? What does the government’s pension reform provide? Who can leave earlier? And what will be the level of pensions? Already, if some choose to keep an activity to stay in contact with society, more and more retirees are forced to work to supplement a pension that is too low to live on.


– Gaelle Macke, deputy editorial director – Challenges

– Soazig burner, editor-in-chief of the political department – Marianne

– Brice Teinturier, Deputy CEO – Ipsos polling institute

– Mathieu Plane economist, deputy director of the Analysis and Forecasting Department – ​​OFCE

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