C in the air – Tax officer killed: France facing ultraviolence? streaming – Replay France 5

C in the air – Tax officer killed: France facing ultraviolence? streaming – Replay France 5

“The Republic mourns one of its own”said the Minister of Public Accounts on Tuesday, saying to himself “revolt” by the murder the day before of an agent during a tax audit. “It is appalling that a servant of the State, of the Republic, of the French can be (…) killed because he is doing his job”said Gabriel Attal, after speaking with the victim’s colleagues in Arras, announcing that a tribute will be paid to him on Wednesday in all the tax services.

The 43-year-old civil servant was killed on Monday after being kidnapped with a colleague as part of a tax audit at a second-hand goods dealer in Bullecourt in Pas-de-Calais, who then killed himself. “This man was simply doing his job (…) Today, he did not come back. He was killed as part of this tax audit (…) His colleague, who accompanied him and who was assaulted, is fortunately alive but she remains deeply shocked”said the minister last night during a session in the Senate.

The murder of this state agent comes at a time when a survey by the local democracy observatory AMF-Cevipof/Sciences po conducted among mayors evokes their concerns about the rise in tensions with their constituents and between citizens. themselves. “This unspeakable drama in the words of the minister, also occurred in a country already deeply shocked by the kidnapping and murder in recent days of a 14-year-old girl in Tonneins in Lot-et-Garonne.

Dramatic miscellaneous facts, attacks on elected officials, incivility, insults, threats… The country seems on edge in these times of crisis. Verbal or physical violence which affected women in particular last year according to the Ministerial Statistical Service for Internal Security (SSMSI). This service has just published an unprecedented panorama of violence in metropolitan France, measured from the Genesis survey that it conducted in 2021. Blows, jostling, strangulation, rape…”Women accumulate a greater diversity of violent situations, more frequently report the potentially most serious types of violence and suffer acts over a longer period and at higher frequencies than men.points the investigation.

At the same time, elected officials and citizens are concerned to see drug trafficking, from cannabis to synthetic products, spreading in medium-sized towns hitherto spared but also in small towns and rural areas. Despite the multiplication of police operations, the fight against well-organized networks remains difficult.

So are we witnessing an increase in violence in society? Who are the main victims? How to fight against drug trafficking? And what is happening in Mayotte?

Guests :

Alain Bauerprofessor of criminology – CNAM

Laurent Valdiguiejournalist – Marianne

Nathalie Saint-Cricqpolitical columnist – France Télévisions

Jerome Fourquetdirector of the opinion department – IFOP polling institute

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