C in the air – Trump: he’s coming back… streaming – Replay France 5

C in the air – Trump: he’s coming back… streaming – Replay France 5

Two years after the presidential election, Donald Trump and the Republicans are calling for a “huge red wave” on the American midterm elections, which are held tomorrow in the United States, convinced of being able to prevail. With the key: the control of Congress and the limitation of Joe Biden’s ability to pass laws for the second part of his mandate, but also, the preparation of the next presidential election. This election is indeed seen by many as a possible “springboard” for the candidacy in 2024 of the billionaire who has left little room for doubts about his ambitions in recent days and could even declare himself as early as next weekend. And this as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on the rise, increasingly looks like a possible Republican nominee in 2024.

On the side of the Democrats, they are also throwing all their forces into the home stretch to try to convince and mobilize voters. Candidates who have campaigned a lot in recent months on abortion, the Supreme Court of the United States having dynamited at the end of June the right of American women to terminate their pregnancy. This decision by the country’s highest court gave the Democrats an upturn in opinion polls this summer, fueling speculation about their possible victory in this election, traditionally unfavorable to the party of the president in place. But with inflation at 8%, the question of purchasing power has imposed itself in the United States and the economy has become the priority of Americans. This has been understood by the Republicans who have only been talking about this for weeks.

Result: in the latest polls, the lead of some Democratic candidates has narrowed. So in an attempt to regain control in elections that promise to be very close after a campaign marked by death threats and violence, Joe Biden and his predecessor Barack Obama have multiplied meetings in recent days, urging to “vote” for protect “democracy”.

40 million voters have already voted in advance but we expect as two years ago a wave of contestation of the results which would not be favorable to the Republicans. Many leaders close to their champion Donald Trump, who never admitted defeat in the November 2020 presidential election, said they were ready to challenge the results. This is the case, for example, of the candidate Kari Lake for the post of governor in Arizona. She declined to say she would respect an outcome in the form of a defeat to her Democratic opponent in the divided southern US state. Same thing in Wisconsin (north) where outgoing Republican Senator Ron Johnson did not say he would bow in the event of a defeat against Democrat Mandela Barnes.

So what has changed, two years after Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House? What are the challenges of these midterms? Will Donald Trump return? Can Ron DeSantis dethrone him as party leader? And what impact can Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter have on American democracy?

Guests :

Francois Clemenceauinternational editor – Le Journal du Dimanche

Nicole Bacharanpolitical scientist specializing in the United States and author of “The World According to Trump”

Laurence Nardonresearcher and head of the United States program at IFRI. French Institute of International Relations

Gilles Pariscolumnist, former correspondent in Washington – Le Monde – and co-author of “America, Trump years”

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