C in the air – Will our bakery close? streaming – Replay France 5

C in the air – Will our bakery close? streaming – Replay France 5

Electricity bills multiplied by 2, by 5 or downright by 10: this is what happens to certain professionals, such as bakers who cry “disaster” and call to demonstrate on January 23 in Paris. In an attempt to respond to their concerns, the government, which is under attack from the opposition, and in particular from the Rassemblement National, author of a “Letter to the bakers of France”multiplied the interventions and meetings Tuesday on the subject, in particular with the suppliers of electricity and gas. The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire and his Minister Delegate for SMEs, Olivia Grégoire, then received representatives of the profession in Bercy. In particular, they announced to them that they could request the shift of their tax and social security deadlines, like all SMEs. Above all, they will now be able to terminate their contract free of charge in the event of an increase “prohibitive”. This “exceptional measure” was taken solely to help bakers”in the event that the survival of the company is threatened” explained Bruno Le Maire.

But already other professions, such as restaurateurs, are asking to be able to benefit from it. Invited on France Inter this Wednesday morning, the Minister of the Economy affirmed that he would not relaunch “no matter what” for all professions affected by the energy crisis. “In 2023, aid will now be targeted to those who need it most.. However, Bruno Le Maire indicated that he was going to receive the restaurateurs “during the week”.

At the start of the year, inflation is having a strong impact on companies, but it is also making itself felt more and more in household budgets, particularly with a skyrocketing grocery bill, and is beginning to have effects in the real estate. Against the backdrop of a decline in household purchasing power, a rapid increase in interest rates in 2022 and difficulties in accessing credit, real estate prices are starting to fall: – 7% for apartments in the month of December. A first sign of a turnaround in the real estate market in France after ten years of spectacular increases. Rates go up, inflation continues, purchasing power crumbles…

So why are the electricity bills of bakers and other SMEs skyrocketing? Are the measures announced by the government for households and businesses sufficient to deal with inflation? Finally, what is happening in the real estate market?

Guests :

– Elie Cohen, economist – CNRS researcher

Gaelle Mackedeputy editorial director – Challenges

Jade Grandin de l’Eprevierjournalist, specialist in economic issues – l’Opinion

-Sandra Hoibian, CEO of CREDOC

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