C this evening – Climate: should ecology be radical? streaming – Replay France 5

C this evening – Climate: should ecology be radical? streaming – Replay France 5

Since the establishment of megabasins to supply water to farmers in Deux-Sèvres, chaos reigns and divides farmers and ecologists. A figure of ecology described as a fatigue, several dozen injured including around sixty police officers and an Interior Minister who speaks of eco-terrorism… This is the outcome of the Sainte-Soline demonstration. Is ecology condemned to radicalism and disobedience? For several weeks, the shock actions of environmental activists have multiplied to denounce the inaction of governments and alert citizens. Whether in museums or on the road, they no longer hesitate to attack monuments and strong symbols such as the pantheon in an attempt to get their message across. Is this combat ecology essential in view of the climate emergency or, on the contrary, counter-productive and harmful to the cause it wants to defend? Is the coup-de-point method justified? Now that the green awareness seems to be acquired, should we condemn to put pressure on the leaders at the very moment when we lived the hottest month of October in history? The debate is open with our guests.

Our guests :

-Alessandro Pignocchiformer researcher in cognitive science.

– Benoit BiteauEuropean deputy.

– Camille Etiennelaw.

– Maud Bregeondeputy.

– Jean Quatremerjournalist.

-Bertrandof Last Renovation.

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