C this evening – Pensions: should we work longer? streaming – Replay France 5

C this evening – Pensions: should we work longer? streaming – Replay France 5

Vigil of arms before one of the most important days of the quinquennium: the presentation of the famous pension reform wanted by Emmanuel MACRON with its cornerstone: pushing back the retirement age to 64 years… Is this reform essential? ? Is she fair? How to make it accepted by French people who are mostly hostile to it? We discuss it with:

➤ Édouard MARTIN, Former CFDT trade unionist at ArcelorMittal in Florange, former MEP (S&D)

➤ Marc FERRACCI, Renaissance MP for French people living outside France (Switzerland and Liechtenstein), vice-president of the Renaissance group at the National Assembly

➤ Maxime SBAIHI, Economist, essayist, columnist for the newspaper L’Opinion, author of “The great ageing” published by the Observatory (11/05/2022)

➤ Géraldine MOSNA-SAVOYE, Philosopher, producer of “Without daring to ask” on France Culture, author of “La force du mou” at the editions “The next generation” (19/10/2022)

➤ Marylise LÉON, Deputy Secretary General of the CFDT

➤ Elie COHEN, Economist, Emeritus Research Director at the CNRS and the National Foundation for Political Science, Professor at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and member of the Council for Economic Analysis

Laura’s choice : Time to learn to live by François Ruffin published by Les liens qui liberant

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