C to you: Vincent Cassel leaves the show before the end for an unknown reason (Zaptv)

C to you: Vincent Cassel leaves the show before the end for an unknown reason (Zaptv)

This Friday, January 27, Vincent Cassel was invited on the set of C to you with Guillaume Canet and Jonathan Cohen. But to everyone’s surprise, Tina Kunakey’s companion left the show before the end!

It is one of the most anticipated films at the start of 2023. Thirteen years later the little gem created by Alain Chabat, Guillaume Canet is releasing his film on Wednesday February 1 Asterix and Obelix, the middle empire. As the former member of Dummiesthe companion of Marion Cotillard appealed to a cast of choice since it notably succeeded in bringing together Gilles LelloucheAngela, Audrey LamyJonathan Cohen or Vincent Cassel. These last two – who respectively embody Jules César and Graindemaïs – were also present on the set of C to you this Friday January 27 in order to promote the feature film, which promises to be a success in dark rooms.

It was an opportunity for the two men, accompanied by director Guillaume Canet, to confide in their experience. “In fact, which character, really, is not a kid in this film? It’s kind of the advantage of doing something out of a comic book, all the characters can afford to have more impulsive reactions than what one could have as an adult in real life”conceded Tina Kunakey’s husbandwho obviously had a lot of fun on this shoot.

Vincent Cassel teased by Jonathan Cohen

Beyond having allowed him to reconnect with his child’s soul, this filming was very enriching for Vincent Cassel, who says he has made great progress in foreign languages thanks to the lines of his character of Julius Caesar. “It’s incredible, but the jokes they made with Latin were my first notions of Latin. As soon as I started getting into Latin languages ​​while traveling, I realized that certain etymologies came back to me because of Asterix and Obelix!”welcomed it the father of three children.

But while the three friends shared their tasty anecdotes, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine surprised everyone by announcing that Monica Bellucci’s ex-partner had to leave the show. “We must release you dear Vincent… With regret”she launched, to which the very teasing Jonathan Cohen could not help but respond: “But where are you going? To what country? Make us dream !”. The answer was almost found: “I’m going to China!”retorted Vincent Cassel with humor, leaving viewers in the dark…

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