Camilla “dangerous”: Prince Harry settles accounts with his mother-in-law and it’s violent

Camilla “dangerous”: Prince Harry settles accounts with his mother-in-law and it’s violent

Only a few hours left before the long-awaited release of the Substitute. Passages from Prince Harry’s memoirs have already leaked in the Anglo-Saxon press and this Monday, January 9 on M6, at 7:45 p.m., will be broadcast interview with his son with AndersonCooper on CBS. The husband of Meghan Markle lifts the veil on the motivations of this autobiography and pours out on his complicated relationship with the Crown since his departure in 2020. Until then rather silent about his mother-in-law, Queen Consort Camilla, the son of Charles III took advantage of this television intervention to open up about their strained relationship. Lady Diana’s ex-rival is notably described as “dangerous” .

According to the 30-year-old, Camilla Parker Bowles would represent a threat because of “his need to rehabilitate his image”. In his autobiography, Harry recounts that he and his brother William were opposed to the remarriage of his fatherin 2005. He feared she would become the “wicked stepmother”, but over the months, the two sons of Diana Spencer had realized that she made their father happy. Only, this good agreement would have been manipulated by the former lover of the king.News began to appear in all the newspapers about his conversations with Willystories that told a lot of little details, none of which came from my brother, of course”he recalls in his book, thus accusing his mother-in-law and her employees of having intentionally leaked some of their private exchanges to the press.

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Camilla ready to do anything to “rehabilitate her image”?

This strategy would have allowed Camilla to restore her image, after them about Diana on her “marriage of three” have built him a reputation as a home wrecker. “It made her dangerous because of the relationships she had forged with the British press. There was an undisguised willingness to exchange information on both sides”reports harry in the American show 60 minutes broadcast this Monday on M6. “Shortly after our private talks with her, she began developing her long-term strategy. A campaign that was to lead to marriage and, in time, to the Crown”does he also analyze The Alternate. Between Harry and his mother-in-law, trust would therefore never have been in place.

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