Camille Combal surprised by a remark from Yann Barthès

Camille Combal surprised by a remark from Yann Barthès

Guest of “Daily” Friday evening on TMC, the host was promoting his show “A golden family” and was faced with many questions. Even the most surprising.

News, geopolitics, culture, sexuality… Guest of ” Daily “ Friday evening on TMC, no theme was spared at Camille Combal through Yann Barthes. As during his previous appearance on the show, the presenter had fun listing the colossal number of programs that the former columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste! ” has animated since his arrival on TF1 in 2018: from “Dancing with the stars” to “A golden family” via “Who wants to earn millions?”, “Plan C”, “Mask Singer”, “La Grande Encruste”, “Camille & images”, “Marble Mania”, “2021: Soprano, return to the 80s”, “Welcome Back”, “Stereo Club”” So what ? “, the “Cannes Comedy Show” and even the ceremony of the “NRJ Music Awards” by replacing Nikos Aliagas at the last minute.

In a good mood, Yann Barthès and Camille Combal wore a beanie throughout the interview as a nod to the ski resort where the latter is from. After talking about the trailer recorded with Brigitte Macron in the premises of the Elysée to promote the device of the yellow pieces, the host of “A family in gold” was left speechless in the face of a very unexpected remark from his interlocutor. “You always have a crooked fart”Yann Barthès suddenly threw him before clarifying his point. “Aren’t you a hypochondriac? If I believe your Instagram account, there is always something wrong. » Obviously surprised, Camille Combal denied being a hypochondriac but confided on the other hand to being excessive in everything. “I’m always scared”he admitted when the presenter of “Daily” revealed that he had asked for a Doliprane before returning to the set.

The introspection continued when Yann Barthès asked him if it was true that he “couldn’t fit”. Once again taken aback, Camille Combal recognized somehow that he could not bear to see himself in the image as in a mirror. “I don’t like the image I send back. I can’t listen to myself on the radio or watch myself on television”he revealed. As he was able to do recently in the web show “3 darons 1 café”, he talked about his new life as a father.

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