Camille Lellouche remembers her addiction to alcohol in “A Sunday in the countryside”

Camille Lellouche remembers her addiction to alcohol in “A Sunday in the countryside”

VIDEO – Guest of the France 2 program presented by Frédéric Lopez, the singer returned to a difficult period in her life.

Before experiencing success, Camille Lellouche had its ups and downs. For almost ten years, the singer, actress and comedian was a leader while skimming the castings of “New Star”, “Star Academy” and “The Voice”. It was in a restaurant in the Marais that Rebecca Zlotowski spotted her and offered her her first film role. In 2013, Large central was selected for the Cannes Film Festival and allowed the young woman, then aged 26, to climb the steps of the palace alongside Tahar Rahim, Léa Seydoux and Denis Ménochet. But quickly, Camille Lellouche returned to anonymity and regained her position as a waitress.

In “A Sunday in the Country”presented by Frederic Lopez on France 2, she returned to this difficult period. “It’s very hard. I’m fed up. I’m exhausted because I work a lot in catering and besides that, I go out a lot, too much”remembered the young mother. “I sing in piano bars and above all I drink too much because I am unhappy. I say it very clearly, I have no problem with that. So I can’t go to work anymore so I can’t pay my rent so I get into debt.she added bluntly.

Fortunately, Camille Lellouche was able to count on her mother to get her out of this bad patch. “One day, my mother felt it, she rang the bell at 6 a.m., she saw the apartment and she said: “You are going to leave the apartment and you are going to come back home”»she concluded.

At the end of 2021, in “Seven to eight” on TF1, the singer recounted with emotion the domestic violence of which she was the victim when she was 19 years old. For two years, the young woman lived “hell”. “He insults me, he gives me rights in every way. Elbows on the back, and I start pissing myself. I tell him. He replies: “I don’t care”. And he beats me. I had little pajamas with teddy bears when I was young. And I slept in my piss, on the ground, on the floor, on the floor. The most total humiliation. I think at that time, if I had had a gun, I would have killed him. It’s very violent what I say, but it’s true “she had told Audrey Crespo-Mara.

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