Camille Santoro (Large families): her very generous gesture for families in need

Camille Santoro (Large families): her very generous gesture for families in need

At the end of the year, Camille Santoro made a choice of which she is proud when she left New York with all her lovely family. The mother of a large family has indeed thought of others and made a donation.

Camille Santoro will have lived a vacation rich in emotion. Revealed on the show Large families: life in XXL, the young mother and her companion have decided to take their whole tribe on an unforgettable trip to New York. However, the long-awaited trip had to be canceled. “Nico is injured… End of the season and heading to the emergency room, in the hope that it is not a fracture. It was not at all easy this morning. Nico is not badly hurt. You know what a man in pain is, she explained on her Instagram account. Finally, a few days before departure, Nicolas Santoro took days off to be in shape : I hadn’t imagined my week with a husband who can’t walk. So I rearranged it a bit.”

While everything seemed to be shaping up like a dream for this large family, bad luck finally came to catch up with them. The airline they flew with lost their twins’ stroller. “The company lost the twins’ double stroller, which they have had since they were little. What’s more, I’m too attached to it and I’m disgusted… In my opinion, there was a hiccup between the London plane and the New York plane. Well, I don’t know, but whatever happens, the stroller is gone, my heart is heavy because it’s their baby stroller”, she lamented on her Instagram account, Wednesday, December 21, 2022. Finally, the relentless businesswoman bought strollers and braved the not always good weather conditions.

End of the year full of generosity

As the departure approached, Camille Santoro was very hesitant on a subject : should she bring the new strollers back to France or not. The mother of the family made a choice: to think of others. Indeed, as she tells on her Instagram account, Camille Santoro turned to a New York association to donate her brand new, brand new strollers, barely used for a few days.

Thus, they will be able to benefit mothers who cannot afford one. Strollers have found their next destination in this association. Think about it if, like us, you had to make purchases on the spot and you don’t want to take them back. Thank you all for advising us.” An act of generosity.

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