Canal+ could buy OCS, but HBO series could go to Prime Video

Canal+ could buy OCS, but HBO series could go to Prime Video

Already integrated into Canal+’s Ciné Séries offers, OCS could soon belong to it. The two groups would have entered into exclusive discussions and could make an announcement “in a few days”.

According to the newspaper The echoesOCS could very soon belong to Canal+. After months of rumors and discussions, the management of Orange would have informed the employees of OCS and Orange Studio, which produces many films and series in France, of the imminent announcement of a merger. The two largest French services should soon merge… but OCS should soon no longer look too much like OCS.

Without HBO, OCS goes changer

Today, what makes OCS strong is its contract with HBO. Broadcaster of films, series and programs of the American group, OCS has exclusivity on game of thrones, Dragon House, The Handmaid’s Tale, The White Lotus or Last week tonight with John Oliver. The service also broadcasts films, like Netflix or Canal+. Some are produced by Orange, others are not.

According VarietyOCS has 2.9 million subscribers in France, which places it far behind Canal+ (9.6 million) and Netflix (13 million).

OCS’s main strength is its exclusivity. They will disappear. // Source: OCS

In the coming months, his contract with HBO will end. We have long imagined that HBO would launch its HBO Max service in France, but its owner, the Warner Bros. group. Discovery, decided otherwise. There should not be HBO Max in France, but a new service resulting from the evolution of Discovery + in 2024. In the meantime, the programs of the Warner Bros group. Discovery are free.

End of October, Variety exclusively announced the signing of a contract between Amazon and Warner Bros. Discovery, but didn’t say if HBO content was part of the deal (some suspect it, but only HBO Max exclusive content is confirmed so far). Amazon is also recovering Sony films, formerly on OCS, which will arrive on Prime Video in “second window” from the beginning of 2023. It is possible that Canal+/OCS will keep part of the old HBO catalog but, if an Amazon/HBO deal is formalized in the future, the new seasons of Dragon House Where the last of yous could be coming to Prime Video. In the event that HBO is not part of the deal, it remains possible that Canal+ will unearth the contract… until Discovery+ recovers its rights.

What interest for Canal+?

For Canal+, if OCS does indeed lose HBO, the interest is probably more on the side of Orange Studio than the streaming service, which was only attractive thanks to its exclusive content (without redemption, OCS would have had immense financial difficulties. Who would have maintained his subscription?).

It now remains to convince the competition authority. Can two huge producers become one? Les Echos also indicate that Canal+ should agree to meet Orange’s debts to complete the transaction.

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