Can’t wait for Sunday: Mireille Mathieu bursts into tears on Michel Drucker’s show (ZAPTV)

Can’t wait for Sunday: Mireille Mathieu bursts into tears on Michel Drucker’s show (ZAPTV)

The singer Mireille Mathieu was the guest of the show Can’t wait for Sunday on France 3 this December 4, 2022. After seeing an archive video of one of his performances, the star burst into tears thinking back to his youth and his family.

At 76, Mireille Mathieu is more radiant than ever. The famous singer, however, has gone through very difficult times since the Covid crisis. The confinement has been very hard for the star, who has also lost several friends since 2020, like the composer Ennio Morricone, the fashion designer Pierre Cardin or the Belgian singer Arno. The latter has also confided in her own way of fighting the blues: she finds refuge in prayers and with the spirit of her mother. “I speak to her as to the Virgin Mary, so that she helps us, protects us“, explains the singer.

Her fans can nevertheless count on her official Instagram account, which the musician regularly feeds to let them know. A year ago, the latter posted a video in which she slipped a nice word to her subscribers.I wish you a wonderful year 2021, full of joy, happiness and love. I’m sending you big kisses“, said Mireille Mathieu, before making them listen to her 1973 hit, happy new year.

I have a tear because I see my mom, my dad again

Nostalgic, the singer? In any case, this is what his appearance on Sunday, December 4, 2022 on Michel Drucker’s show suggests. Can’t wait for Sunday. Mireille Mathieu has indeed watched a replay of an archive video of her life with her family as well as several performances. We see her singing Small Santa accompanied by a little boy. Images that greatly upset the star, which was immediately noticed by Michel Drucker.You see Mireille, although we know these images, each time, we are upset“, he launched to him.

Mireille Mathieu burst into tears and explained : I am still very moved. I apologize, I have a tear because I see my mom, my dad, the whole family. I am the eldest of 14 children, I am very proud. My mom liked to say, “A family without children is like a garden without flowers.” I was very proud with my sisters. First there were girls, then boys. I’m really, really excited to see this again. However, I know them, these images! But it’s still very moving.“A beautiful moment of television.

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